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Acid-2-Alkaline TM Alkalize Your Acidic Body for Good Health, Use Safe Chemical Free Supplements.

- Boost Your Body pH Naturally
- USDA Certified Organic and Made with Organic
- Natural, Raw, Whole Food and Pure
- Take With or Without an Alkaline Diet
- Chemical Free, Additive Free, Filler Free
- Phyto-Nutrient Based, Vegetarian and Vegan
- One of the First Alkaline Supplements (since 1995)

Acid-2-Alkaline TM has Helped Thousands to Achieve Alkaline Body Balance

The Importance of Preventing Body Acidity: When the body is in a constant state of acidity it gives rise to an unhealthy environment which results in an unhealthy body. Symptoms associated with an acid condition include frequent colds, weight gain, joint pain, migraine headaches, constipation, insomnia, water retention,  difficulty swallowing, burning in the mouth, bumps on the tongue, acid reflux and many more conditions of an unhealthy body are often associated with this condition.

Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body: Changing the body to a more alkaline state (healthy state) by alkalizing and building the immune system are closely related and may be combined. A healthy body maintains adequate alkaline reserves to meet emergency demands. When excess acids must be neutralized our alkaline reserves are depleted leaving the body in a weakened condition.

The Certified Organic Difference Between Brands: Acid-2-Alkaline has been teaching the concept of an alkaline body for almost 15 years. Acid-2-Alkaline is USDA certified organic and Made with Organic, all natural and has been formulated from over 36 different all natural alkaline ingredients. The Acid-2-Alkaline formula is 100% vegetarian and we use organic ingredients where possible, with absolutely no preservatives, additives or fillers (see other ingredients of other brands for a list of fillers or preservatives they may use).

Directions: Take 3 or more Acid Alkaline capsules and filtered water at least once a day. May take up to 6 per day, use the powder for people that are in an emergency situation. Eat an Alkaline Diet: Avoid Coffee, sugar, soda pop, alcohol, bear, over cooked foods and fried foods to name a few (see the Acid-2-Alkaline Food Chart for details). These types of foods are all very acidic on the body! It takes many capsules of Acid-2-Alkaline Supplement to counter balance 1 can of soda pop or a cup of coffee! It would be crazy to continue consuming acidic foods if you want to become alkaline. With supplementation and correct eating it takes a few days to become alkaline, every time you consume acidic foods you fall back to being acidic within a few hours. Remember your body pH can fluctuate up and down from morning to nigh, depending on what you eat, stress levels and outside pollutants.

The Super Alkalizing Program: For an effective and powerful alkalizing program use the Acid-2-Alkaline Capsules or Powder in combination with super herbal greens Capsules or Powder. For best results avoid acidic foods and combine these two powerful alkalizing supplements with an alkaline diet, purchase a alkaline food chart for easy reference. Eat less "junk food which is acid on the body" and eat more "healthy alkaline food which is alkaline on the body". You could also purchase a roll of pH balance paper so that you can test yourself and family many times.

Available in two Alkaline Body pH Boosting Formulas: Acid-to-Alkaline is available in two unique formulas in capsules and powder. We used to make and sell Alkaline Drops but these do not work as well so we stopped making them. You want to take only organic whole food based ingredients not chemical based drops. There are some companies that sell alkaline drops to make coffee and other acidic forming foods alkaline. Sorry to disappoint, if it where that easy we would all be alkaline all the time. Don't be fooled into thinking you can make acid forming foods like coffee, beer, soda or milk alkaline buy adding pH alkaline drops. Don't believe us then try it for yourself and see how it works!

Acid-2-Alkaline Formula: This is the combination of alkalizing minerals and super foods specially formulated for people whom suffer from high blood pressure, lactose intolerant and alfalfa allergies. Available in capsules (with free ph testers) or powder (with free ph testers and alkaline food chart). Alkaline in water, will work best when combined with capsules or powder.

Acid-2-Alkaline: Now You can Alkalize Your Body Naturally.

Acid-2-Alkaline Capsules to Alkalize Your Body
Alkalizing Capsules

Acid-2-Alkaline Powder Supplement for Ph Body Balance
Alkaline Powder
pH Testers and Food Chart: Use an Alkaline Diet, Food Chart and pH Saliva Testers.

Alkaline Food Chart with Food List for Alkaline Diet & Healthy Body
Acid Alkaline Food Guide

Ph Paper Litmus Paper for Saliva & Urine Testing
Saliva H Testers

Acid-2-Alkaline TM is a Nature's Brands company. To order please visit NaturesBrands.com

** Money Back Guarantee is limited to 3 item exchange or 1 item return and excludes hair dyes, mini sizes and samples. For details of terms and conditions please visit Nature's Brands .

Acid-2-Alkaline Body pH Balancing and Alkalizing Supplements to Help Improve Health and Vitality.
Natural Alkalizing Supplement: 100% natural and FREE from all fillers, additives, preservatives and irradiated ingredients.
Chemical Free Formula: Free from alkaline chemicals such as baking soda, caustic soda and similar derivatives used by competing brands!
Pure Organic Ingredients: Only certified organic, raw whole food ingredients used, no standardized extracts.
Organic and Wild Crafted: Made with certified organic and wild harvested foods.
Vegetarian and Vegan: Totally animal, insect and cruelty free alkaline supplements.
Supplements Made in the USA: Made from organic USA ingredients as first option.

Acid-2-Alkaline TM is a division of Nature's Brands TM.
Verified Secure: Verified by third party online security companies. Order once and we only charge your card once.
Established & Trusted: Online since 1995 with thousands of satisfied customers. Rated "A+" with the Better Business Bureau.
Our Purity Philosophy: We only make and sell products that we would use ourselves.
Made in the USA: Proudly made in the USA, we ship from San Antonio.
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Free Shipping Over $50: Free shipping for orders over $50 (after discount) in the continental USA.
60 Day Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee is limited to a 3 item exchange or a 1 item return and excludes hair dyes, mini sizes and samples.

Alkaline supplement for pH Body Balance and to Alkalize from an Acidic pH to an Alkaline pH using Food, Diet and Remedies.


Acid-2-Alkaline Body pH Balancing and Alkalizing Supplements to Help Improve Health and Vitality.
Certifeid USDA Organic Acid-2-Alkaline Powder and Made with Organic Alkalizing Capsules for Natural pH Body Balance
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