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Alkaline Diet Food Chart and Food Pyramid

An Alkaline Foods and Acid Foods List to Balance Your pH Levels

- Includes an alkaline food pyramid
- Handy portable folded 8 inch x 8 inch size
- Color coded alkaline to acid foods list
- Take the Acid-2-Alkaline supplement for fast results

The Alkaline Diet Food Chart comes with a color coded guide showing the alkaline food list in blue and the acid foods listed in yellow along with an alkaline food pyramid and a food combining chart. Quicker results are achieved when you take our alkaline supplements and follow the alkaline diet recommended in this Alkaline Diet Food Chart.

4 Ways to Naturally Alkalize Your Body

1. Review the acid foods list column and compare with the alkaline list: Reduce processed foods, canned, frozen, over cooked, fried, meat, coffee, alcohol, saturated fats, sugar, dairy and similar acid forming "junk foods". The acid foods list column is color coded in yellow and the alkaline in blue, the same as the litmus paper to easily recognize them;

2. Increase the amount of alkaline foods: This alkaline diet food chart offers a clear and concise list of foods you should not combine, as the combination may increase the acid levels;

A good alkaline food pyramid guide should include eating at least 80% whole grains such as beans, brown rice, raw nuts and seeds. The other 20% of the diet should include fresh raw fruit, raw vegetables (organic is best) and as little dairy and meat as possible (if any at all);

3. Check your pH levels: When following this alkaline diet food chart you want to test your alkaline levels periodically. Use the pH tester strip or litmus testers to test your saliva. You want to test yourself first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth or drinking anything;

4. Alkalize faster with the Acid-2-Alkaline supplement: This is an alkaline pH supplement that is available in capsules or powder (note: the powder is bitter). The Acid-2-Alkaline supplement contains over 20 certified organic alkaline food ingredients without additives and the capsules do not contain chemicals or fillers. It helps boost your alkaline levels and works great as a program with the alkaline food pyramid chart;

Note: You might see lemons in the alkaline food pyramid list. Acidity in food has nothing to do with the actual pH of the food itself. Lemons are very acidic outside of the body, however inside the body, lemons have an alkalizing action on the body.

Customer Testimonials

"Better than described. After researching a ton of websites and lists I found that just about everything I needed to know is on this well prepared presentation. It's more than a chart. There's a lot of sensible, useful information to go with the chart." - Edith

"This is an awesome chart to have, and has helped me to gather a lot of information together to better help me with producing a healthier body. Thanks " - Nancy

"I have started to take the Arthritis Aid and Acid2Alkaline capsules and am ordering again because it has helped me. The food chart has made me more aware of the foods I eat and how they affect my body. I love Tamales which is a mexican appetizer made out of corn meal and I immediately noticed my hands beginning to get inflammated. Thank you for your assistance." - A. Garcia

"I cannot believe that I was eating all the wrong foods and no wonder I was always getting sick, having candida problems and even felt twinges on my joints and I am only 28 years old. When I read your website it really opened up my eyes. I knew instantly my body was very acidic so I decided to buy your acid alkaline food chart and try the capsules. What an epiphany! I finally feel great and will continue to follow the food guide and taking the capsules to keep me in check." - L. Kemp

“Fast service, excellent charts, will order from seller again.” - Willa

I can't thank you enough! I am so glad I found your web site. My husband has been suffering from acute diverticulitis for quite so time, but we did not know until recently. He is now facing surgery, but his status has changed since I made changes with his diet. At least he "probably" won't need to go through having a colostomy bag and get right on to the healing process. I am so thankful to have found this web site and make changes to save our lives! - Respectfully, Donna

"Great little food guide. I bought 2 for myself and later I reordered 5 for each of my brothers and sisters. A lot of research was placed in this food chart." - C. Ortiz


An Alkaline Diet Food Chart that Shows an Alkaline Food Pyramid and Acid Foods List to Balance your Diet and Improve Your Body pH Levels.

Acid-2-Alkaline Food Chart 8 inch x 8 inchSupplement Facts


Acid-2-Alkaline Alkaline Food Logo
An Alkaline Diet Food Chart that Shows an Alkaline Food Pyramid and Acid Foods List to Balance your Diet and Improve Your Body pH Levels.
Acid-2-Alkaline Food Chart 8 inch x 8 inch
Code:   NB-ALK-9001
Regular Price:   $3.95
Sale Price:   $1.95
You Save:   50.6%

Natural Alkalizing Supplement: 100% natural and FREE from all chemicals, fillers, additives and preservatives.
Chemical Free Formula: Free from alkaline chemicals such as baking soda, caustic soda and similar used by competing brands.
Pure Organic Ingredients: Only certified organic, raw whole food ingredients used.
Organic and Wild Crafted: Made with certified organic and wild harvested ingredients.
Vegetarian and Vegan: Animal, insect and cruelty free alkaline supplements.
Supplements Made in the USA: Made from organic USA ingredients as first option.

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Acid-2-Alkaline Food Chart 8 inch x 8 inch
Code:   NB-ALK-9001
Regular Price:   $3.95
Sale Price:   $1.95
You Save:   50.6%

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